MIRAC-BLINC User Manual


    The Mid-Infrared Array Camera and Bracewell Infrared Nulling Cryostat (MIRAC-BLINC) is an instrument developed for use with the adaptive optics system on the 6.5 m MMT. It has two main modes of operation: imaging at 8-25 microns, and nulling interferometry at 8-13 microns. The system has been developed by Bill Hoffmann and Phil Hinz, and is available most trimesters in collaboration with the PIs.

    Camera Description

    Observer Information

    This section provides information which is used in routine setup, operation and data reduction with MIRAC4.

    Camera Operation

    Camera Specifications

    Camera Performance

    Instrument Setup Information (Experienced Users Only)

    This section describes the setup and checkout for MIRAC-BLINC on the MMT, as well as step for removing it from the telescope.


    Engineering Information and Tests