CCD47 and CCD39 Troubleshooting

    If there is no connection at all to the CCDs, see the page on State No Connection.

    CCD49 viewer is not live

    • Go to the "System Processes" dialog. Stop and start the CCD39 Controller and Slope Computer Ctrl system processes.
    • Verify there are no old viewer processes running by doing "ps -aef | grep ccd39" and look for "ccd_viewer.py -i hoccd ccd39". kill -9 the processes.
    • If this doesn't fix it, see "CCD39 & Firewall" below

    CCD47 viewer displays slopes and/or is not live

    Binning cannot be changed unless the power to the CCD47 tray is cycled.
    • Use http://lbti-web/power/ to cycle the CCD47 tray power, then rebin.
    • Verify there are no old viewer processes running by doing "ps -aef | grep ccd47" and look for "ccd_viewer.py -i tvccd ccd47". kill -9 the processes.
    • If this doesn't fix it, see "Firewall" below

    CCD39 BCU & Firewall

    If the CCD39 viewer isn't live and the above procedures didn't fix it, next check communication from the BCU to the WFS computer. Go to System Processes->BCU Interface log. If you see errors like:

    BcuCommandHandler::handleBcuReply: REQUEST COMPLETE but FAILED :-(
    Client timed-out: impossible to attach to shared memory!
    BcuCommandHandler::handleBcuRequest: REQUEST FAILED

    This error signals a communication error with a BCU. It may stem from one of several causes, including firewalls, BCU overheating, ... .

    First, check the WFS computer firewall. BCU39 checks for the presence of a firewall on the WFS computer and will not send data if a firewall is enabled. To check whether the firewall is active, run:

    >> sudo /sbin/service iptables status

    to disable, run:
    >> sudo /sbin/service iptables stop

    Also add this line to /etc/rc.local so that it is executed on startup. You may need to w_stop / w_start for this to take effect.

    CCD39 PupilCheck is returning all 0

    Open System Preferences and check pupilcheck log file. If you see errors about missing files (e.g.: /tmp/pupdataXXXX or /tmp/acqpup), you may have permission problems with /tmp or an issue with the IDL license.

    First do an ls -lh in /tmp to verify you have the correct permissions. These can be screwed up if you've accidentally run the WFS software as root and are now (correctly) using dxwunit/sxwunit. Copy the offending files to another directory in /tmp (just in case this doesn't fix the issue) then w_stop/w_start.

    In demo mode IDL can't write the intermediate file needed to execute pupil check. To verify IDL functionality, try to start IDL on the command line - look for a comment about Demo Mode. The license file, which specifies the license server, is located under /usr/local/itt/license. Demo mode isn't the only possible error - check for errors about missing startup files as well - these, too, will be displayed as IDL first starts.

    Error: Timeout waiting for JoeCtrl01.XBIN.Cur

    The CCD is missing the file which tells it the readout pattern, the "pattern file." This file must be copied from a working installation under the $ADOPT_ROOT/conf directory.

    Error: Timeout waiting for JoeCtrl01.ENABLE.CUR

    Check the controller and slope computer status under the System Processes screen. They're probably down. Restart them.

    Error: Timeout waiting for SlopeComp00.PIXELLUT.CUR

    This means there is an issue with the current lookup table. The LUT is the mask designating which pixels to read for the slope calculation.
    • ls -lh $ADOPT_ROOT/calib/wfs/current/ccd##/LUTs. The "current" link should point to a directory in the desired bin.
    • If it points to nothing, try to remove the current link and rebin.
    • If it points to a pupil fits or txt file, this may be the cause. An "ls bin#" should only show subdirectories. There shouldn't be any pupil fits or txt files at that level. Make a backup of the bin# directory and then remove the pupil fits and txt files.

    Error: slopecompctrl.R.STATUS - code: -5001 TIMEOUT_ERROR

    Check whether slope computer controller or CCD39 controller system process is down; restart as needed.

    If this doesn't work, reset the BCU (this is the slope computer). This is on the ADAM page. "DX (or SX)-BCU 39 Reset -- Off-On-Off" Turn this bit on, then off again to reset.

    If this does not work, power cycle the CCD39 tray through lbti-web/power.

    Gradient seen across detector

    This is probably caused either by thermal issues (too warm or too cold) or will go away as readout electronics stabilize after turning on.
    Note that there are two temperature sensors listed for CCD39, but the first has a floor at 19C!
    Other causes??
    Solution: Take a background frame. Check periodically to make sure background hasn't changed.


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