December 2013 Run: Day 1

    The LBTI group is back at the summit for our December observing block.

    We've had several gremlins pop up at the beginning of the run:
    • Last weekend Manny uncovered a power supply failure on the right side. This is similar to the one seen on the left side in October 2012. It suggests we need to redesign the DC power in the racks. Paul and Mitch replaced the power supply on Tuesday.
    • In the afternoon Vanessa solved a failure of the WFS on the right side by replacing an A/D board. This appeared to be caused by the power supply failure.
    • The LBTI webserver computer had a corrupt disk. Elwood repaired and checked for any damaged files.
    • The AO software had a few startup glitches, but now appears to be running fine.
    • The espresso machine has failed. However, Vanessa and Andy have figured out how to use a percolator, so we may be okay.
    It was windy at sunset. Andy bet Phil that we would be open for the first night. As it turned out we did open for 15 minutes at the beginning before winds forced us to close. Phil maintains that this doesn't count. Andy refuses to pay up.

    In the meantime, we are continuing work with the artificial star source to test the phase sensor in poor weather conditions.


    Tom M. (unauthenticated)
    Dec 20, 2013

    Call it a draw. No bets on tonight?

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