Clio2 User Manual


    Clio is a 1-5 micron imager, coronagraph, and low spectral resolution spectrometer built to exploit the unique sensitivity and resolution of deformable secondary AO systems. It was used from 2006-2011 on the MMT. In 2012, it was moved to Magellan, to be used with the MagAO system.

    Clio2 was upgraded with a new 512x1024 HAWAII-1 array in May 2010. The camera is currently available on a collaborative basis. Inquiries into the availability of the instrument should be made to Phil Hinz, Laird Close, or Katie Morzinski.

    Observing Pages/Pages for Observers

    What's here:

    • Info for taking your observations:
      • Checklists, cookbooks, camera operation, scripts, etc.
      • Resources: Magellan weather info, etc.
    • Info for reducing data:
      • Calibration data, filters info, how to rotate your images to get North up, etc.

    Engineering Pages

    What's here:

    • Info for helping with observing:
      • How to align the Narrow and Wide cameras, software, etc.
    • Info for maintenance:
      • Setting up, cool down, filter exchange, etc.

    Troubleshooting Pages

    Historical Pages